Moti Koritz Software Developer

Hi 👋
I'm Moti, a software developer with a passion for the open web. In my free time, I work on a few open-source projects. This website sums up some information about my work. Feel free to send me a message.


Here are some examples of my work

I'm proud of developing software that others find useful. Nothing makes me happier than the knowledge that my work is being appreciated.

KCR Translate

Chrome extension for translating text from Kindle Cloud Reader. One-click translations with text to speech capability. Based on OCR technology.

Customer profile user interface

Apex Debugger

A suite of tools to improve debugging Salesforce logs. Used daily by thousands of professionals.

“ So good! I love debugging now. So clear, so perfect. ”

Samuel David Israeli
Inbox user interface


What others said about me

I'm humbled by the opportunities given to me by these wonderful people. Here is what they had to say.

A great "can do" attitude, hard-working ethics, mentors his peers to make them better and more productive. Moti is a creative "out of the box" thinker. Able to tackle architectural challenges while keeping the business needs in mind. I would highly recommend working with Moti in any given project for product development or customer implementation.

Uri Pintov
VP Product @Salesforce

Has a thorough knowledge and experience in web software development. Loves learning new technologies and languages.

Yaniv Iny
CEO @PractiTest

Provided great value by taking full ownership and responsibility from the design stage to a published application on AppExchange.

Sami Cohen
CTO and CoFounder @Balink